The Rise of Experiential Retail in Brick and Mortar Stores

In this month's video Ron discusses the emergence of experiential retail. This new marketing technique is influencing the commercial real estate landscape, specifically retail, in various ways. Experiential retail is a new practice being used in the commercial real estate industry. This practice is particularly growing among retail stores all over the United [...]

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Experiential Retail Changing The Customer Experience

As more and more consumers choose to seek out and invest in experiences rather than products, many retailers are responding to meet the needs of their customers by providing a personalized and customized retail experience. Consumers don’t want to just walk into a shop, buy a product and leave; they could do this from the comfort [...]

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Long Island Commercial Real Estate Market Report – Q2 2017

We’ve surpassed the halfway point of 2017 and Q2 market reports are officially in so we’re here today to bring you the latest update and report on Long Island’s commercial real estate markets. Arming you with the details and statistics, this report includes Long Island’s retail, office, and industrial markets. To most easily digest this information, [...]

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