At American Investment Properties our core values include the 3 p’s: Passion, Professionalism and Positivity. Our unmatched success begins with our employees’ passion and drive for results. By creating an open culture where individuals can foster new ideas we are able to be the most innovative commercial real estate firm. Our level of professionalism in all areas provides reassurance to our clients and helps to create results. By relating to one another and ourselves with positivity we are able to create better more meaning relationships within our organizations and with our clients.

American Investment Properties’ Core Values:

American Investment Properties (AIP) is Long Island’s Premier Commercial Real Estate Firm

American Investment Properties (AIP) provides honest and reliable expert advice to every client. Whether you are in the Real Estate Market to buy or sell property, American Investment Properties (AIP) will dedicate its resources to broker a winning deal. American Investment Properties’ Real Estate Agents specialize in the sale and disposition of multiple types of investment properties.

Meet Our Team: