Forbes 100 Seconds of Advice: 5 Favorite Influential Quotes

Forbes 100 secondsAs a client-facing business professional, feeling continuously engaged and inspired allows me to offer my best when meeting the needs and challenges of my clients.  Whether it’s a great quote or a resonating piece of advice, it can assist us in being the best versions of ourselves in a professional setting.  A quote that I keep top of mind, which helps me to level up and elevate my thinking is as follows, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”  I like this quote a lot because it reminds me to continuously push forward and strive harder encouraging me to surround myself with intelligent and successful individuals from which I can learn.

Five Inspirational Quotes From Successful Business Individuals

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, Forbes sat down with some of the greatest and most successful business people to gather lessons they’ve learned and best advice in 100 second clips.  This new video series is called Forbes 100 Seconds of Advice and it is utterly inspiring.  Here are some of our favorite sound bites from the advice series

1. Arthur Blank, Co Founder of The Home Depot

“In business, if you’re a really good listener and you have humility in terms of willing to put yourself in a position of listening to the people you’re trying to serve and not imposing your knowledge or your will on them you’ll end up in a really good place.” – Arthur Blank, Cofounder, The Home Depot

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2. Charles Schwab, Founder of Charles Schwab Corporation

“Become an expert in something.  Whatever your passion is go there and learn it and then have an expertise that you can apply…” – Charles Schwab, Founder & Chairman, Charles Schwab Corporation

3. Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric

“Its all about your team, its all about the people you put together… it’s a lot more than about you.  You’ve got to have a team that’s adaptable, flexible, agile and all committed to the same goal.”  – Jack Welch, Former CEO, General Electric

4. Meg Whitman, Former CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“If you are ever asked to compromise your integrity, run, do not walk, for the exits.  Because in the end the only thing you really have is your reputation.” – Meg Whitman, Former CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

5. Michael Eisner, Former CEO of Walt Disney Company and Paramount Pictures

“You hire everybody that you think is better than you.  If your goal is to hire somebody better than you, you’re hiring somebody that you have real respect for.  If you hire people better than you the institution will succeed, and yes so will they, but so will you.” – Michael Eisner, Former CEO, The Walt Disney Company and Paramount Pictures

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