Influential Real Estate Professionals And Businesses

Throughout history, there have been many famous and influential people in real estate that have transformed the industry. Commonly known figures in real estate range from the Rockefellers, to Barbara Corcoran and more. Presently, the industry is seeing a trend of more real estate professionals that are paving the way. Have a look below at a few real estate professionals and businesses that are inspiring others today.

Real Estate Professionals and Businesses Paving The Way

Real Estate EntreprenuerJay Morrison

CEO and Founder of the Jay Morrison Academy, this real estate investor and entrepreneur influences thousands. The Jay Morrison Academy is an online real estate school. This institution mentors students on how to achieve wealth and stability, through financial literacy and real estate ownership. In addition, Morrison is the founder of the Tulsa Real Estate Fund. This fund is a $50 million dollar real estate crowdfund that finances urban redevelopment, primarily in the United States.

Real Estate PioneerRoy Donahue Peebles

This real estate entrepreneur and author is the founder of Peebles Corporation. Peebles Corporation is the largest African American owned real estate ownership, and development company in the U.S. Roy Donahue Peebles has a multibillion-dollar portfolio of residential and commercial properties, including luxury hotels. Donahue’s real estate developments span over various states including New York, California, Nevada, and more.

Women in Commercial Real Estate

Women in Real EstateAlexis Miles

Resident of Philadelphia, PA, Alexis Miles is the founder of Tax Abatement Today. This business assists developers and homeowners with filing real estate tax permits, among other services in construction. In addition to Tax Abatement Today, Miles is the founder of The Partnership Project. This investment company focuses on the empowerment and education of business professionals to grow their assets, and invest wisely.

Real Estate BrokerDaniel D. Thomas

Starting his career at the early age of nineteen, Mr. Thomas is one of the most respected real estate brokers in Fairfield County, CT. His diligence leads him to close millions in transactions, resulting in him becoming a top producer in his market. At the age of twenty-three Thomas is one of the youngest U.S. brokers with his own firm, Daniel D. Thomas Real-Estate.

Egypt Sherrod Real Estate GroupEgypt Sherrod

C.E.O. of The Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group and an award winning realtor. The Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group’s business objectives span over a wide range. Activities include the consulting of first-time home buyers, to marketing premium homes owned by investors, business owners, and celebrities in the Atlanta area. In addition, Egypt Sherrod is named “America’s most beloved real estate agent” as the host of HGTV’s Property Virgins.

Commercial Real Estate Listings

There have been many successful individuals in real estate throughout history. While those common figures continue to inspire many today, the industry is seeing new professionals and businesses paving the way in the field. For the future, the industry can expect a progression of more real estate professionals to inspire others.

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