Rashaad Peters – Marketing Associate


RASHAAD PETERS Marketing Associate (O) 516-393-2300 Ext 203 (F) 516-390-5780 Rashaad@aiprops.com Rashaad Peters is the Marketing Associate here at American Investment Properties. He is an alumni of Queens College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies and Communications. Rashaad comes from a robust real estate background, previously a marketing analyst for [...]

Mikki Da Fonte – Content Manager


MIKKI DA FONTE Content Manager (O) 516-393-2300 (F) 516-390-5780 mikkki@aiprops.com With a strong background in brand and marketing, Mikki meticulously manages the monthly newsletter “Koenigsberg Long Island Bulletin” and is responsible for content creation of news articles, market updates and our video series. Meet Our Team: [...]