Out of Office Business MeetingSworn by successful business masterminds such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey, getting out of an office setting or conference room can be incredibly productive, and increase creativity. Getting out of the office can spur a wealth of new ideas.

How Outside Meetings Can Benefit Productivity

Business innovator, Nilofer Merchant, believes the change of scenery can heavily impact the way we work in general. Whether brainstorming a new campaign, or trying to close a potential deal, a breath of fresh air can literally and figuratively affect your ideas.

A business meeting outside is more casual than an office. While casual isn’t always the setting you want, it can be the setting you need. Similar to wearing casual clothes versus business attire, people act differently depending on what they’re wearing, or their physical environment. This is referred to as “enclothed cognition.”

There are also health benefits to meeting outside. Your endorphins, focus, and Vitamin D levels improve as you spend time outside. This acts as a recharge for your system and helps you take on the rest of the day with more energy.

While there is nothing wrong with the traditional office meeting, here are five ideas for non-traditional meeting places that just may help you kick it up a notch, and get your creative juices flowing.

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Five Out-Of-Office Business Meeting Ideas

Go long. While we’re not suggesting a full round of golf during your workday, we do suggest conducting your meeting while at the driving range. This is a productive way to integrate a hobby into your workday and alleviate the pressures that can be associated with work meetings. Looking to a private golf club? Spring Rock Golf Center in New Hyde Park is a great option.

Take a hike, literally. Okay, well maybe not a strenuous one but taking a brisk trail walk while discussing business is a sure way to approach thinking in a more open atmosphere. Lace up your sneakers and meet your colleagues and clients at Trail View State Park in Woodbury. The 454-acre State Park has paved walking trails of all different lengths.

Go for a spin. Indoor stationary bike riding group classes (aka “spin/cycling classes”), have become an increasingly popular and trendy alternative physical fitness choice over the past few years. While the talking part of your meeting may be kept to a minimum, the shared feeling of successfully completing the ride makes for a good common ground. CycleBar in Garden City and SoulCycle in Roslyn are two notable cycling studios.

Board a flight. A beer flight, that is.  Getting together for a drink to discuss business is nothing new, however, changing the scenery a bit and heading to a local brewery will put you in the right space for innovative thinking. Oyster Bay Brewing Company is the perfect spot.

Play it safe. Then again, you could always play it safe and meet for lunch. Tried and true, lunch meetings are a casual way to discuss business while fueling up for the rest of your day. Meet at Market Bistro in Jericho for new-American small plates.