Back in August 2017, Gov. Cuomo announced that New York State would spend $10 million to help create a walkable downtown in Hicksville, as part of the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) program.

Other areas on Long Island such as Lindenhurst, are also seeing revitalization plans.

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Hicksville is the perfect candidate for a revitalization anchored by transit-oriented development. Its Long Island Rail Road station, which serves nearly 15,000 commuters a day, completed a $121 million renovation in September 2018.

Goals of Hicksville’s Redevelopment Plans

The new downtown would focus on projects that would create open space, foster mixed-use development, and ease traffic congestion. The grant gives a big boost to a years long effort to redevelop the area surrounding the hamlet’s Long Island Rail Road station.

The plans are to redevelop the area into a vibrant neighborhood that could include retail stores, and other businesses at street level, and up to three floors of housing above.

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Completed Projects Under The Revitalization Program

The first project to be completed in the revitalization of downtown Hicksville is 35 Broadway. At this location is a mixed-use property consisting of office space and apartments upstairs. It was developed by G2D Group.

Several Proposed Commercial Real Estate Plans

23 potential projects totaling more than $230 million in public and private funds, are vying for a piece of the $10 million state grant.

Among the proposed, a centerpiece of mixed-use development with street level retail shops, topped with apartments, and parking garages behind them adding about 500,000 square feet of new development.

In addition, a $40 million mixed-use development called 99 Hicksville Station Plaza, would have 200 apartments built above retail stores on Newbridge Road, and the expansion of a Lutheran school and day care facility.

The largest single project would be four parking garages totaling $106 million in funding from the town, MTA, and private sources. The town and the MTA still have yet to agree on the location of the parking garages.

Separately proposed is a mixed-use development that would bring 496 rental apartments, and about 200,000 square feet of retail, and office space, to the former 26.4 acre Hicksville Sears property. This redevelopment plan is not part of the town’s rezoning effort or the downtown revitalization area.

About The Sears Hicksville Redevelopment

Seritage Growth Properties is proposing the redevelopment of the Sears Hicksville site. Out of the 496 luxury rentals, 60 percent will be one-bedroom and studio apartments, and 40 percent will be two-bedroom apartments. These luxury units will be spread out within three buildings.

In addition to the residences there is a wide variety of proposed retail space including restaurants, a fitness center, and the first iPic theater on Long island. Already on-site is a TD Bank and Chipotle.

At a February 2019 town meeting, residents voiced concerns about the availability of parking due to the massive retail attractions. Seritage Growth Properties’ project manager, Larry Rose, assured members “apartment residents will be allowed to have on site parking at an additional cost.”

The proposed buildings will also line Bay and Lenox Avenues, to prevent homeowners from having to view retail when they look out their window.

Also included the in the plan is a 5 acre greenspace. The greenspace will include landscaped partitions along the street, a 90-foot village plaza circle, a market square and traffic circles.

There will be a complex shuttle service to transport commuters to the Hicksville Rail Road Station.

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More Plans to Be Discussed

There are plans for future public hearings. As these hearings and meetings take place, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive our latest news.