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As usual the goal of our videos is to demystify a term or trend relevant to commercial real estate. Continue watching as we discuss the importance of zoning due diligence and common zoning disputes to avoid as a commercial real estate investor.

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Because zoning ordinances and regulations determine how you are able to use your property, it is most important that a thorough due diligence is completed before any commercial real estate transaction. Zoning codes and ordinances change often.

A zoning report provides assurance to the investor that the current or future use of the property will comply with local laws. Zoning disputes can arise for a number of reasons.  Most often, zoning disputes may involve a commercial property and the local city government.

Zoning Disputes to Avoid as a Commercial Real Estate Investor

1. Parking related concerns specifically regarding the size or creation of parking lots. The greatest concern here is typically due to a commercial business lot too close in proximity to a residential area.

2. Building height concerns around the potential of safety hazards as well as the obstruction of a view because a building is too tall. Most times the concern is of a residential owner in that their views are being obstructed by a building being too tall.

3. Signage concerns regarding both size and placement. A sign that is too large could cause a safety hazard as well as cluttered appearance.  Often the issue will arise when neighboring residents feel that their property or neighborhood is being cluttered with commercial signage.

4. Setback concerns if a building is too close to a residential property line affecting ventilation, sunlight, or aesthetics. These concerns may also involve the distance of a building from the roadway for safety purposes.

5. Pollution concerns with industrial, agricultural or commercial properties. If a property emitting noise, light or an odor, threatens the peace or health of nearby residents a zoning dispute may arise.

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