Tips on Speaking with Confidence

Tips on Speaking with ConfidenceIt should come as no surprise that confidence is a trait that we admire in others.   True confidence is not thinking that you will get a great result.  It’s the knowing that you can handle any result.  Understanding that even mediocre ideas seem profound when spoken with confidence.  When we speak with confidence we are more likely to capture our audiences attention, regardless of whether you are speaking to a large group of clients or a small circle of friends.  Speaking confidently takes practice; and the key to doing anything well is doing it often.  There are many different and diverse components that lend to speaking with confidence.  In this article we will explore some of those components.

Eliminate Distractions.  Give your audience your full attention.   Close your laptop, silence your phone (and smart watch), and put away your tablet and all other electronic devices that will distract you and your audience.

Body Language.  Having confident body language should consist of: good posture, no fidgeting, not overly pacing, and keeping your face and body relaxed.

Make Eye Contact.  If you are looking down at the floor you wont look confident, and if you’re looking around while you talk people will think that you’re distracted.

Loud and Clear.  Be sure to speak loudly enough for everything to clearly hear you.  Speaking quietly or softly will make people think that you are shy and that you don’t have confidence in what you’re conveying.

Visualize Success.  Visualize yourself speaking imaging your voice being loud, clear, and confident.  Picturing the scenario you want to enact can go a long way in making you succeed.

Know Your Audience.  This can help you prepare your words accordingly.  You will likely tailor your speech if your speaking with your clients than if it were a conversation amongst friends.  Either way, avoid using excessive slang.

Know Your Material.  Make sure you know the material of your topic inside and out.  You will feel a lot more confident being able to speak freely about a topic rather than trying to memorize a line or phrase.

Don’t Articulate a Statement as a Question.  People ask questions when they’re missing information or want approval for an idea or a decision.  Share your opinions with conviction.  Make sure you truly believe in what you say.

Express Gratitude.  When a leader shows gratitude, it helps create a positive atmosphere.  The display of gratitude conveys the message that all is well and moving in a forward direction.

Take a Second.  It is okay to pause to gather your thoughts and think about what you are going to say next.  Avoid speaking fast and potentially rambling.  It is important to speak slowly and carefully.

Don’t Apologize.  If you’re nervous or have accidentally misspoken, don’t draw people’s attention to it by apologizing for it.  Just continue on with what you have to say in a confident manner.

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