Amazon And Whole Foods Inc: Strong Sales Continue in Q3

In Amazon’s first quarterly report since closing on the acquisition of Whole Foods Market Inc., they reported third-quarter net income of $265 million, on sales of $43.7 billion, up from $32.7 billion a year ago.  In the third quarter report, Amazon’s producing profits and sales far exceeded expectations of Wall Street with a 34% rise in [...]

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Five Steps For Professionals to Create an Effective Routine

 One of the most important paradoxical truths to learn in adulthood is this: some rules, rather than constraining, can actually be incredibly freeing.  It is a fact that successful people follow a daily routine. Ernest Hemingway had one, so does Bill Gates.  Following a routine takes the guesswork out of what you should be doing and [...]

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Expand Your Knowledge with edX

There’s no denying that September means back to school, but why should learning be limited to those 21 and under?  Enter edX. With a mission to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere, enhance teaching and learning on campus and online and advance teaching and learning through research, edX is the new way to expand [...]

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U.S. Economy & Commercial Real Estate Market At a Glance

The first two quarters of 2017 showed diverse changes in the U.S. economy and commercial real estate markets. Here is a breakdown of the United States economy and commercial real estate market for the second quarter of 2017. U.S. Economic Growth Prediction The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut its projections for U.S. economic growth for 2017 [...]

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