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AIP_website-article-images-podcastMaybe podcasts are your “thing” and you can’t go a day without tuning into at least one. Or, maybe you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about when I say “podcast,” so, lets begin here.

Podcasts are free audio programs distributed over the Internet.  You can download them and listen to them as you please, essentially creating a radio station focused entirely on the topics you want to listen to.  The topics are truly limitless and while “limitless” may be intriguing to some, to others the word seems downright overwhelming.  Luckily for those in the latter, below is a carefully curated list of highly recommended podcasts.

Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur on Fire: An award-winning podcast where John Lee Dumas interviews the most inspiring entrepreneurs seven days a week.  Every single day, you can expect to hear incredible stories from highly successful entrepreneurs, actionable ideas that can transform your business, and be inspired to build the life of your dreams.

Become the Best Version of Yourself

Jocko Podcast:  Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL officer who doesn’t beat around the bush and tells it like it is.  You are sure to learn key lessons on leadership, work ethic, and discipline that will help you to become the best version of yourself.

Achieve Your Biggest Goals and Dreams

The School of Greatness: Hosted by successful entrepreneur and New York bestselling author Lewis Howes. This podcast will without a doubt inspire you to achieve your biggest goals and dreams.  Lewis is a phenomenal interviewer who asks great questions.  This podcast never disappoints.

CRE Market Intelligence and Forecasting

The Commercial Real Estate Show: Real estate advisor Michael Bull ensures that you are staying on top of what’s happening in the commercial real estate industry. On his show, he talks market intelligence, forecasting and investment strategy.

Smarter Investing

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp: Kevin Bupp is an avid real estate investor who got started on the entrepreneurial path at the tender age of 12.  Since he made the leap into real estate, he’s completed over $40 million in deals and in his podcasts he breaks down just about everything you need to know about smarter investing.

Learning The Ropes

RentalRookie: For those who are just learning the ropes of how to manage rental units.  Husband and wife duo Emily and Kirk host a regular chat about all things real estate, with a specific focus on the benefits of being a rental property owner and how to manage the dollars and cents side of being a landlord.

Investing and Building Wealth

BiggerPockets: One of the web’s leading sites for all things real estate related. Hosted by Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner, this podcast is an excellent starting point for property novices or seasoned pros alike.  Drawing on their own experiences, Dorkin and Turner focus on how to successfully invest and build wealth through real estate. They are often joined by some of the most recognizable names in the industry.

Things We Never Think Of

99% Invisible: This podcast covers “all the things in the world we never think about”.  The show covers everything from urban architecture to bus stations to fortune cookies.

How Things Work

Stuff You Should Know: This podcast offers a quirky take on how things work in a very informative way.  Presented in such a memorable way, you will retain the information discussed.

Human Behavior

Invisiblia: Each episode of this podcast covers the invisible forces that control human behavior, which ranges from frames of reference to the instability of personalities.  It’s a fascinating dive into a deep array of topics about how we behave and interact with one another.

Mastering Crafted Conversation

WTF with Marc Maron: There are very few interviewers that have mastered the skill of crafting a conversation that creates intimacy with their guests, allowing them to have a dialogue beyond the normal “talk show” points.  Comedian Marc Maron interviews some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment, politics, and other iconic personalities.  This is one podcast

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