Big Changes Happening to Hicksville’s Broadway Mall

Broadway-MallsmWell its about time…Broadway Mall in Hicksville is undergoing a large renovation and will welcome four new tenants.

This update and change is much needed for the Broadway Mall, which is overseen by California-based Pacific Retail Capital Partners, in order to stay relevant with other Long Island retail and entertainment destinations and to provide fresh and innovative retail opportunities for Long Island.  It’s been said that the mall will remain open throughout the renovations with a grand reopening scheduled for early 2016.

Mall renovations focus on updating the main exterior entrance by stripping the existing pillars and reworking the façade to provide a grander, more recognizable entrance.  An update to the high-traffic, always-busy Route 106/107 facing façade will attract more shoppers and diners and create a “buzz” that the Broadway Mall has lacked for years.  Additional renovations include: modernizing the walkways with new flooring and improving outdoor landscapes with new benches, seating, foliage and flowers.

Breathing new life into the Broadway Mall will be four new and innovating tenants.  Popular quick-casual restaurant chain, Noodles & Company, has recently signed a lease on a 4,000 square foot restaurant space and plans to hire close to 50 employees before its opening in fall 2015.  The nation’s largest chicken fast-food chain, Chick-fil-A, has signed a lease for a 4,800 square foot restaurant space, which will also include a drive-thru at the freestanding location.  Blaze Pizza, a national pizza franchise known for its fast-fire’d custom-built artisanal pizzas, has also signed a lease for a 2,726 square foot space, and anticipates hiring 50 employees before its opening this fall.  Lastly, with its unique approach to making working out “fun and uplifting,” Blink Fitness will be opening soon in a 14,000 square foot space and will employ about 25 individuals.

As for the tenant renovations, several stores and restaurants are remodeling or relocating.  H&M is remodeling and expanding its space to 23,000 square feet.  On the Border Mexican Grill and Broadway Dental will both be relocating to the main entrance at the front of the property facing Route 106/107.  Also, an existing Subway restaurant is remodeling as well but will remain in their current retail space.

Overall, the entire renovation and new tenant additions will make the Broadway Mall more consumer friendly, inviting shoppers to linger and enjoy their shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences instead of rushing in and out.  Broadway Mall’s General Manager, John Rossi, said in a statement “These renovations and new tenants provide a refreshed atmosphere, additional culinary choices and enhanced street visibility.”  We look forward to seeing these renovations and tenant additions come to fruition for the Broadway Mall.

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